Emergency Assistance

The Emergency Assistance provisions of the AGA authorizes the designated agency to, without the adult’s agreement, if

  • The adult is apparently abused or neglected,
  • It is necessary to act without delay in order to:
      • Preserve the adult’s life
      • Prevent serious physical or mental harm to the adult, or
      • Protect the adult’s assets from significant damage or loss, and
  • The adult is apparently incapable of giving or refusing consent

To do one or more of the following:

  1. Enter the adult’s premises and use any reasonable force if necessary
  2. Remove the adult from the premises and convey him or her to a safe place;
  3. Provide the adult with emergency health care;
  4. Inform the PGT that the adult’s financial affairs, business or assets need immediate protection;
  5. Take any other emergency measure that is necessary to protect the adult from harm

The decision to use emergency assistance will always be made in consultation with a Designated Responder Coordinator or the Team/Practice Leader.

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